Thursday, 20 October 2011

Final Character Models

At last, here are the final character models.  They have changed somewhat since their original design; there are a few reasons for this:
Ailich looked too much like just a robot and I wanted a more human appearance whilst keeping the cyborg look so I swapped the all over body panels for what you see here.
I would've liked to keep Hicru with the all over body panels but it was proving time consuming and hassle-some to make them, also I think they might of interfered with some of the movements he'll be doing in the film.  Instead, he now has fewer panels and some alternate details.
The Anti-Virus has been changed from an over-whelming horde to a single, larger boss-like creature.  This is because animating masses of creatures to simulate a horde was going to be far too much work, for me and the computer.

So here you go, as usual - let me know what you think please! =)

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