Friday, 25 November 2011

Colour/Texture Update.

To keep your eyes entertained, whilst I endure the last 2 weeks of dissertating, here are some shots to show how everything currently looks.  Any questions and/or feedback are/is, as always, greatly appreciated.

(Inside Dome)

(I dunno why his armour looks like this in this clip...)

I've been trying to create a nice looking tornado of fire recently but this is as far as I got before giving up.  Any ideas on how to further this?

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Rigger needed.

Does anybody who has confidence in their rigging want to give these 2 characters a shot?
These poor models are still boneless and need your help while I'm dissertating and texturing, etc, etc.
If not you then pass the word on :)
Get in contact for more info, on here or facebook, etc if I'm not around the studio.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Colour Advice?

Right! I need your opinions and advice guys.  

I've spent today colouring and recolouring my 2 main characters and I've made some progress but I just can't decide on the actual colours themselves...  I want it all to tie in nicely with the environment but not so much since they are meant to be alien to it.  Also, since nothing so far has kept 100% to the original designs, I'm getting slightly concerned it might all end up looking a bit mis-match.

Here are a couple of shots to give an idea.  There's no textures or details yet - just materials and colours.
This isn't a choice between the 2 pictures.  The colours can be changed completely.  I just need some other folks views. =)

Cheers x

Getting there... =)