Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Final Environment

I decided not to go for the Colosseum idea for the fight arena and kept it in theme with the animation.
I've gone for a minimalistic 'fight dome' concept and kept the exterior very blank and basic.  

3 reasons for this:
1- The exterior would be almost blank since the whole thing is meant to be a simulation by a computer and the fight was never meant to breach the arena into un-constructed virtual space.  
2- If I am to model the majority of this by myself, I might as well make up plot devices to make this easier for me ;-)
3- The electrified dome feels like it would fit with the whole omni-powerful computer and cyborg characters.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Height Chart

Finally, here's all 3 characters together.

Final Anti-Virus

Here's the final design for the anti-virus.  It's not exactly as I first imagined it'd end up but considering the fact that there is going to be a whole swarm of them I thought it best to keep it relatively simple.
They were also going to be blue to give a more security theme but that would've been too similar to the other characters, so instead they are yellow to hopefully go with a sort of maintenance feel.

Friday, 22 April 2011

The animatic so far...

Here's the unfinished animatic.  I doubt this'll get done to the standard I want in time for the deadline but I know what changes need doing. Some movements need some extra tweaks and some bits need to be lengthened/shortened and other pieces added, etc.  Also, the graphics used aren't up to scratch with current designs and the endings wrong... Oh and there's no sound.  At least its a start though. 

Final LizardMan Design (H.I.C.R.U)

Here's the final LizardMan design.  I decided to make him a cyborg as well.  It fits better with the current script and goes better with the female character.  The original 'organic' LizardMan was more orientated for the original script that ended up being too mammoth a task to even consider.

So yeah, let me know what you think. =)

LizardMan Concept 2

Stay tuned, final design will be up before this day is done...

I preferred the green one on the left but decided to go for the powerhouse next to him.  I think for when he causes a fissure in the ground it'll look more convincing.  Just some small changes are needed.
The 3rd and 4th concepts were just try-outs for something less human looking.  Apart from the heads, I'm not very keen on how they turned out.  They just look wrong for the effect I'm going for.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A.I.L.I.C.H gadget concept.

...before I finish the rest, here's the concept page for the 'gun-arm' and 'jetpack'.

Final Female Cyborg Character (A.I.L.I.C.H)

Here's the final female character design.

Lizardman, Anti-Virus and Enviroment coming soon =)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Updated Female Character

I decided I didn't like the original design here and came up with this.  Thoughts?

Sunday, 17 April 2011

My inspiration for the voice of the computer.

Something to read while I finish the rest of the concept off.

GLaDOS from Valve's 'Portal' is probably the best example of a psychotic A.I. ever!

Portal 2 is out soon, which you all will know already.
You might also know that Valve is offering a great deal for loads of indie games with a pre-order of Portal 2.
Also, that if you play a sort of Portal easter egg in any or all of these games it adds points to an online table that, once filled, might release Portal 2 sooner.  Its a bit late now to bother for that but the easter eggs are pretty cool.

Here's one that uses GLaDOS's trademark voice in an awesome little game called Audiosurf.

It's something similar to this that I want for Glitch's Computer.