Sunday, 25 September 2011

After Effects

Here are some tests for a couple of the effects I'll be using for Glitch.

1st off - thanks to a tutorial that Kieran Duncan showed me on I was able to create this swirling mass of energy in After Effects, which I intend to use as a projectile for Ailich's gun-arm.

Here is that same swirling mass being used as said projectile.

Also, I had a shot at making a computer HUD.  It's pretty basic just now but since I hadn't really used After Effects properly before, this was a nice easy thing to make to bring me up to scratch, however, I do intend to make it a bit more complex and convincing for the final thing.


  1. Nice :D I like the HUD test too! Have you looked at the loading screens for Mass Effect 2? The way they had done them would maybe be good for inspiration :)

  2. Oh yeah! I totally forgot about them!
    Thanks Kat :)