Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A.I.L.I.C.H 3D model snaps (unfinished)

Since I've not posted anything in a while I thought I'd give a quick update of what I've been up to... =)

I've been working on the model for A.I.L.I.C.H and made some nice progress I think.  I'm not 100% happy so there's still some vertex's that need tweaking.  However, trying to rig her has revealed that I've forgotten everything about that so I have been learning again from scratch.  I'm having some troubles but nothing major... just her legs bending as if she has rickets... As a result, I've started modelling H.I.C.R.U instead but haven't gotten very far so don't want to show just yet.

Here's some quick snaps of her so far.

I've been thinking about giving the characters some small items of clothing, just so they aren't so boring to look at at also to hopefully give them a more 'video game' feel.  More on this later.

On another note, I've started changes on the script and storyboard too.  Nothing too major, just some story modifications that should hopefully give the characters more for the audience to connect with emotionally and some alternative camera shots to give the whole thing a more 'cinematic' feel.

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