Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I'm still working on the final designs for the characters and environment but I thought I'd upload the mood-boards to give a small idea of whats coming in the meantime. 

Female Cyborg Character (no name yet)
This female and the LizardMan character were originally meant to be staring in the overly ambitious script that shrunk and distorted into Glitch.  She was meant to be an advanced world class agent sent to disrupt LizardMan's mission.  He was a tactile barbarian sort of agent sent by his newly established tribe to either find them a place in the Human world or a means by which they can reverse their predicament. This mission was to find a solution to reverse the speeded evolution in many creatures caused by a nano-tech I.D. developed by the humans and... blah... blah... blah...  Now they are both just characters developed for a fictional game which is in it's test/beta phase.  The female is designed to be sexy yet deadly; an engineered assassin.  I thought it would be fun to create and animate over-the-top characters in an over-the-top fight sequence, however, this design is mainly because I imagine myself being more motivated modelling and animating such a character.  However, to try assure you all I'm not just a massive pervert, the LizardMan character will be tall, strong with rippling muscles... you'll just have to deal with the fact he has a reptilian head, scales and claws.
LizardMan Character (no name yet)

The environment is basically going to be a huge, blank, black expanse of simulated terrain inside a computer program.  This expanse can form any object and ignore all the laws of physics thanks to it not being real.  This leaves me still with nothing but a fancy plot device allowing me to stage my animation anywhere.  So for now, the idea is to have a simulation of an old roman amphitheatre for the fight with elements reminding the audience that this is all simulated.  Somehow I'll need to alter this so that it kinda relates more with the non-roman gladiator characters...  The images I have here just give me somewhere to start, I'll concentrate more on this once the characters are done.

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